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Nov 29

hey man
your repo man page
that's a great one
i was wondering who did
the repo man comic you have up there
and if it do indeed continue

good luck on the repo location expadition
and thanks for keep'n it real for
all us repo man heads


Sept 4

Hi- Just wanted to comment on your website- very nice collection (the rare set photos, media covers and Japanese flyer are especially great). Repo Man is by far my favorite film of all time (as you can probably relate, it's more than just a movie), so it's nice to see all the material you've collected. And best of luck getting that 1964 Malibu.... you'd have to get either an 80's California tag with "REPO MAN" or maybe "HELP-N-HAND" for the front, or possibly an old New Mexico tag with "PECANPIE" or "P-O-SHRMP" or something (and a Little Tree, of course).

Again, great site. If you do get the Malibu, make sure to keep an eye out for any Goddamn dipshit gypsy dildo punks.

-Christopher Torpie


Jan 1

Let's go do some crimes!

"I blame society!!!" or "what about our relationship? what? what about our relationship? yeah right..."

"your'e not a commie are ya? I wont allow any commies in my car.... no christians neither!"

Jan 2 got it...

Jan 3

Look at 'em, ordinary fucking people, I hate 'em.

Jan 3

One of my favorite movies also!!! And the best movie soundtrack of all time.....

Jan 4

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Jan 4

Damn straight...I went to NYC to see the premiere of this film down on 8th Street when it came out.

Jan 5

just for that your not in the gang anymore.

Jan 5

Ordinary fucking people...I hate them.

Jan 6

"yeah,lets go get sushi...and ..not pay"

"pablo picasso was never asshole"

Jan 6

"the life of a repo man is always intense!"

awesome movie... thanks for the add!

Jan 7

Thanks for the comment. Repo Man is by far my favorite movie. I've seen it well over 100 times (probably getting closer to 200). We are all in the lattice of coincidence.

Jan 7

Thanks for the add Repo Man. Let's go do some crimes!

Jan 8

Without a doubt one of the best " Repo Man " tribute pages I've ever seen. You Rock.

Jan 9

put it on a plate dear, you'll enjoy it more...

Jan 10

Thanks for this page!

"They wanted me to be their manager, but I called bullshit on that."

"My old lady?...Oh shit I forgot all about her... Well, she'll take the bus. She's a rock!"

Jan 10

I was looking for a dope with a microscope.
"tHE More you drive the less intelligent you are"

Jan 11
yep..just had to pull out my vhs tape last night and watch it again..this movie stands the test of time.. i just love that dick rude...

Jan 16
see, ordinary people spend there lives trying to get out of tense situations... repon man spends his lif getting INTO tense situations...

Jan 17
Repo Man changed my life, I didn't know anything until I saw it

Jan 18
I saw your mommie and your mommie's dead.....could never stop loving suicidal tendencies....thanks for the love Repo

Jan 19
Henry Dean Stanton: "Hey Kid You Wanna Make 10 Bucks"?

Otto: "F**ck you Queer".

Jan 22
you'll find one in every car, you'll see.

Jan 23
you, my dear film,
are the greatest ever made!

you are one of the few that
i can quote word for word!

thanks for making a tremendous
impact on my life!

stay intense!


Dec 20


Dec 22

Thanks for the add! Repo Man is definitely the best flick to come out of the 80's! Been a huge fan of it forever.

"YOU'RE ALRIGHT!!!" (Somebody piss on the floor again?)

Dec 24
I own this soundtrack on vinyl & pre-record cassette - all bought back in 1985 at Penguin Feather.

Dec 29

Thanks for the add!!! "john Wayne was a fag..." lol I love that movie

Dec 29

Thanks for the add,dude!Kickass page you got here.It's cool that someone finally made one that does justice to the Repo Man movie.