I am working on a map that will include all the locations the 64 Chevy Malibu drove on.

Are you living in the LA area?
Are you familiar with the film?
Would you be interested in watching the film again and writing down any of the familiar locations you see?

Contact me with your finds.

Map of Los Angeles, CA 90021, US

Scene from Repo Man (1984) at 544 Mateo Los Angeles Ca


544 Mateo Los Angeles Ca. (2009)


10th St. 700E

Repo Man lot was located on Wall, near the Bendix tower (Maple & 12th)

820 ? help me find this

The Orpheum Theatre 842 S. Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90014


Scene from Repo Man (1984) at 2731 S Central Ave, Los Angeles

2731 S Central Ave, Los Angeles (2009)

Mateo St. 500 S

Brownstone Hotel 429 E 5th St Los Angeles


I just found the diner the Rodriguez brothers pull over the 64 Chevy Malibu after stealing it. E 8th St & Maple Ave Los Angeles. Look for Admiral check cashing next door (411 E 8th St)



374 E 8th St. (2009)


Scene from Repo Man (1984) at Wilson St.


Wilson St. at Violet St. (2009)